Friday, December 18, 2015

Here's the thing...

Ever since I discovered the NON Fiction Challenge that I am starting in January, I have been less and less inclined to want to continue reading classical fiction.

This is not an excuse, but several years ago, I discovered that I have a Scanner type personality. We scanners are hard wired to always be learning.  We can't learn from classic fiction. Unless it's historical fiction. LOL

And besides that, I am having a devil of a time even trying to get into the Spin Book I am supposed to be reading - The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain.

If Mark had only written this book in 19th century english, I could have managed it. But no, its mostly written in this 16th century shakespeare type language which makes it devilishly hard to read.

So I have decide that I will do NO MORE Spins. I have failed at 3 out of 3 Spins. I always get the wrong number and the wrong books.

I will keep this blog open to read and review those classics on my list that I DO want to read.

I will also do the LHOTP readalong for next year since that is only one book a month. I shouldn't have too much problem with that.

So basically, starting in January 2016, I will be mostly reading NON fiction books for the NON fiction challenge.

Please see my NON Fiction blog for details.

Thank you.


  1. Perhaps you could find a "modern translation" of the Prince and the Pauper to attempt? Old English is very confusing.

  2. Middle English actually. I think Mark Twain was just copying language from the Shakespeare plays. I don't know if there is such a thing as a "modern translation." The narrative or prose is in 19th century English. It's all the the dialogue that is in 16th century!! Thanks Rhonda for the suggestion.