Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Canterbury Tales - Woe is me!!

I really really did NOT want to have to be forced to read The Canterbury Tales.

But since there are no  other books by this author that I can swap out with, I have decided that I don't have any choice. I might as well get this over and done with and get this book off my lists.

I do this under protest however. As such, I will not be reading ALL of the tales. I will choose the 10 shortest tales, to read and review.

First I have to look for a decent PROSE version.  These are virtually impossible to find. I spent 2 weeks loking.

I really really detest poetry which is why I didn't want to read this book. Goodness knows why I even put this book on my list in the first place!!!  I really should not have done that!!

Right, That's one lesson learnt. Don't ever put a book onto any SPIN list if you really really do NOT want to read it.

I will be swapping out the Canterbury tales for another book to read - and removing Canterbury Tales from my lists altogether.