Monday, August 24, 2015

And the Lucky Number is...

The Classics Club Lucky SPIN number!

We promised you a spin number this morning, and here it is! Your Spin Number is –


If you joined the game last week, find number 5 on your Spin List! That’s the title you are challenged to read by October 23, 2015. We’ll toss a post up on October 23 to see who completed the game.
As always, the prize is the reading experience. Details Here
In case anyone asks — it would be awesome if everyone posted about their Spin book on October 23. But that’s not mandatory or anything. If you want to, though, have at it! :)
Check in below if you played. What’s your #5 title? Are you glad, hesitant, excited about your title? Do tell!


 Number 5 on my list is Canterbury Tales!!!

 Why do I always get the HARD BOOKS!!!!

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