Friday, February 6, 2015

Daria Reading List Challenge

Back in the 1990's there was this wonderful sarcastic cartoon show on MTV that I loved. The heroine was a high school girl nerd or geek, named Daria.

The way she delivered her lines - often with a dead pan face or tone - was hilarious!!

Her name was Daria Morgendorffer and she was a bookworm just like me!!!  Daria had one close friend, Jane. She also kind of had a crush on Jane's older brother Trent, who was into music. And Daria also had a rather annoying kid sister, Quinn, who was into clothes, makeup, fashion and being popular. Quinn was the total opposite of Daria.

Anyway, Daria read a lot of books, and someone has been kind enough to make a list. So the challenge is to read these books.

Daria Reading List

Since this classics challenge runs for 5 years, I think it would be relatively easy to add some of these books to my list. I am currently putting together a second list of 50 classics that I do want to read.  

Some of the books and authors on Daria's list I already have and do not wish to repeat - either the books or the authors.

So with a total of 100 books, once I get this second list finalised, I plan to be reading 2 classics per month to finish everything in 50 months or a little over 4 years - and have some extra months for "just in case".


  1. You are soooo ambitious! I love the Daria reading list. I have one that I am working on posting from the Gilmore Girls! I am placing no time limit nor schedule on my reading of classics simply because I am involved in so many book clubs and read-alongs I know I would never finish in 5 years...but it is still so much fun to read them as I can fit them in! BTW, I am definitely WAY older than you! Have no idea who this character, Daria, is! :)

  2. I dont think you are that much older than me. For the record I am 50 years old. If you never watched MTV - the Music TV channel - then No you probably don't know who Daria is. MTV did not always play music. There were quite a few cartoons as well. I grew up listening to mostly 1980s and 1990's pop music. Although there are a number of songs and singers that I like from the 50's, 60s and 70s.